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Apple Music, iTunes, Apple Books, and Apple News badges are recognized by audiences around the world. Using these badges correctly makes it easy for your audience to steam music or buy content. Most marketing materials don’t require approval by Apple, however, Apple requires written approval for material that is:
  • For TV or print media
  • For any other high-visibility marketing format
  • Custom photography or video in which Apple products appear
To have Apple review your materials or answer questions related to branding and badge art, submit a request below.

Submit a request

If your material is less than 20 MB in size, just attach it to the support request. Important: Anything larger than that should be provided by FTP server or another web-delivery service. Don’t forget to include the link or the username and password for the FTP server in your request. Send your content in a standard format, such as PDF or JPG for images and MP4 for videos.

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